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Job Interview Tips

In this Concise Guide to the Job Interview, you'll find important, useful information, strategies and tips for that all-important job interview. It's normal to be nervous about a job interview. When you're nervous it basically means that you have excess energy. Following this guide will help you utilize and focus that energy in a productive manner.

The best way to reduce anxiety related to your job interview is to know what to expect, prepare as much as possible and know how to present yourself. In the end, you want to make the job interview yours. Utilize this Concise Guide to the Job Interview to do just that.


Preparation is really key when it comes to being ready for and performing well during your job interview. Here's how to prepare.


  • Research the organization for which you're interviewing.
  • Review the job description.
  • Review your resume and cover letter.
  • Make a list of the top five attributes that make you perfect for the position.
  • Review possible job interview questions and prepare answers. Outline important talking points.
  • Practice in a mock interview situation with a friend or family member or, at the very least, practice questions aloud.
  • A few days before the interview make sure that you have proper attire.
  • If you are bringing any portfolio materials, review those ahead of time to ensure that everything is in order.
  • Double check the time and date of the interview.


  • Wear appropriate clothing. Make sure that you are well groomed, your clothes are clean and pressed and your shoes are polished!
  • Upon meeting the interviewer or interviewers, shake hands. Use a firm grip, not bone crushing but not loose, and use a confident motion. Smile and look the person in the eye when you shake them hand.
  • When meeting interviewers address each by name.
  • Stay engaged throughout the process and utilize good posture and appropriate body language.
  • Do not chew gum, smoke or play with your cell.
  • After the interview is over, thank them for their time and consideration and shake hands again.


  • Arrive early. Fifteen minutes is good. Allow extra time to get there.
  • Bring your resume and/or application, social security card and government issued ID.
  • Don’t forget portfolio materials, which should be in proper order, and anything else that may be required, such as transcripts of your grades.
  • Use good manners with everyone you meet.
  • Remember that you are prepared, which means that you should be able to channel that nervous energy into exceptionally positive energy that you can use in a calm and efficient manner during the job interview.
  • When speaking, you should use proper English and avoid slang.
  • Use good diction and appropriate volume when speaking.
  • If you are taken out for a meal follow proper dining etiquette.
  • Remember that the meal is part of the interview process. That means that eating is not as important as talking. Balance these two aspects. Don't order alcoholic beverages.
  • Be interested in and ask questions regarding the organization.
  • Do not ask questions about salary and benefits unless you are offered a position.


Within 24 hours of the interview send the interviewer a thank you note or thank you email. That missive should:

  • Be two to three paragraphs long.
  • Be directly addressed to the primary interviewer.
  • Include a direct reference to which job for which you were seen (they may be interviewing for numerous positions).
  • Reiterate your interest in the job.
  • Acknowledge that you're available for further discussions or to submit more materials.
  • Let them know that you admire the organization.
  • End with you thanking them for their time and consideration.


You can go into a job interview as if you're about to swim with a pool of hungry sharks, anticipating the worst, ill prepared and anxiety ridden. Or you can go to the interview as if you're going on an a adventure where you're going to encounter new, exciting experiences, learn something about yourself and the organization and make a great impression.


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