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In this fast paced competitive world, finding a good and satisfying job is a challenge. If you are a retiree and want to work, competing with the younger generation can be even more difficult.
However, you need not be disheartened by your age, as employers can be drawn towards experienced workers who join with ready-to-use skills and a shallow learning curve. In such case creating a resume that emphasizes your skills and de-emphasizes your age is the best approach.
You should posture yourself as marketable in the current market scenario. Here are some tips to help you out:

Identify specific job requirement
If your selected job is similar to your previous experience then you can easily play up with experience and accomplishments to impress the employer. However, if you are going for an unrelated position, you need to position your work history and achievements that will add value to the organization.

Cover Letter
A cover letter helps you introduce yourself and also, summarizes your job intentions. Make sure that you do not miss your cover letter.

Choose a precise resume layout
An ideal resume layout for an older candidate is a combination format that includes aspects of both chronological and functional resumes. It should include a chronological work history, with emphasis on accomplishments and skills. A reverse chronological format for work history in which work experience is ordered from most to least recent is a good approach. Also, make sure that your resume reflects the current resume trend.


  • Avoid Paragraphs in your resume

If you use paragraphs in your resume the important things might get skipped. Instead, use bullets to help direct the perspective employer's attention to important parts of your resume. Proper headings such as work experience, education, skills and training can make your resume look more organized.


  • Avoid grammatical errors in your resume

Avoid such blunders, as it will completely push your recruiters away. Use spell check tools over Microsoft Word to check for grammar and spelling errors. Proof read your resume properly before submitting it to the employer.

Mention the relevant work history
Most employers are only concerned with your recent work history. Remove your work history prior to 1990 or so, unless there is something very significant.

Display only positive aspects
It is extremely important to showcase the positive achievements in your career in your resume. It would be great to leave out the negative aspects altogether.

Use Keywords and Action Words
Keywords and action words give a powerful feel to your resume. Avoid using bland and general terms in your resume. You can use the terms from job description and incorporate them throughout your resume to show that you are well qualified for the job concerned.

Showcase extensive knowledge
It is important to show a broad scope of knowledge in your resume. This will help you stand above your competitors. As the employer can identify your additional skills and knowledge, it can make you a better candidate for the job.

Use unbiased language in your resume
Avoid using language that reveals your age. Cut out phrases like "30 years of experience in the field" that clearly indicates how long you have been in the work-force.

Spotlight your accomplishments
Your resume should highlight your strengths and achievements. You need to position yourself as someone who can get job done easily. Let all your knowledge, experience and talents stand out. If you can convince the company that your skills are cost effective then they will be more than happy to hire you. You can emphasize about the ways by which you can add value to the organization by increasing sales or productivity.

Highlight your current knowledge and expertise
Use your resume to emphasize your knowledge of current techniques in your field. It is a good idea to mention about your flexibility and a desire to learn new skills. Continuing education is essential these days as you need to progress in the marketplace, no matter how old you are.

Take help from a specialist
If you are still not sure about the styling of current resumes and cover letters, then you can invest in a professional resume writer who can help you with identifying additional skills and talents that you might have missed.


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