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Home Office

Meta Description: Creating a home office space offers numerous benefits, and it can be done for a relatively small amount of money. This article examines how to successfully setup your home office.


Creating a Home Office Space Can Pay Off

Home office spaces can useful if you’re trying to run your own business. They can offer you a haven in which you can focus entirely on your enterprise and a home office space can result in a tax deduction.

This article will detail important aspects related you creating a home office space that will afford you numerous benefits, giving your business the best chance to payoff. Remember that your home office space should be a place that encourages your productivity. Anything less is unacceptable.


Home Office Space: Environment

Your home office space needs to be a place where you want to spend productive time. For this reason, the environment must be conducive to work and productivity. Here are some suggestions for your home office environment.


  • A room specifically dedicated as a home office. Using a room that is shared with any other activity will make it harder for you to focus on your work, and it will negate useful tax benefits that space may provide.
  • It should have good natural light. That means windows. Being connected to the outside will give you a connection to the rest of the world and allow you to rest your gaze outside of that office.
  • The room needs to be atmospherically controlled—warm or cool depending upon your needs.
  • Adequate ventilation will help you stay focused and active.
  • It needs to be large enough to comfortably fit a desk and chair and any other furniture such as bookshelf, file cabinet and/or printer table.
  • Adequate storage space.

This in not about trying to be everything to everyone nor is it about limiting your possibilities. You are trying to establish a consulting identity that will make people say, “Call that person, the one who does that! No one else does that!”

Home Office Space: Equipment

There are certain types of equipment that you’ll need to ensure that your office is functional and conducive to productivity. You want to cut down on as much strain as possible, including eye, neck, back, wrist, etc.


  • You need a chair and desk that are comfortable. An uncomfortable chair or desk will at the least cause fatigue and could result in physical problems or injury.
  • Chances are you’re going to require a computer. Most business activities do these days and many can be run directly from your home via your computer.
  • A printer.
  • High speed Internet access. You do not want to have your business hampered by a slow, inadequate, unreliable connection to the web.
  • Business email address and, possibly, website.
  • A phone line. Most businesses require such.
  • Possibly a fax machine.
  • A place for your printer, preferably not on your desk. Try to keep your desk free of office equipment other than your computer.
  • You require good artificial light. Eyestrain can cut productivity by 50%.
  • Bookshelves on which you’ll keep any reference material.
  • Filing cabinet for paperwork.
  • A place to keep supplies.


Home Office Space: Functionality

Your home office should be set up so that you can function in it efficiently.  That means creating an environment in which you can interact with your equipment and spaces easily. Here are a few suggestions.


  • Set your chair and desk up in a manner that you’re able to view the outside world. This will allow you to take mental breaks easily.
  • Leave adequate room between your chair and walls and office equipment to facilitate your getting in and out of your chair. You don’t want to feel hemmed in.
  • Make sure your desk is the proper height so that you can type on and enter data into your computer efficiently and without physical strain.
  • Ease of access to your printer, fax, phone, files, shelves and supplies ensures you’ll be able to function successfully.


Home Office Space Offers Benefits

Your home office does not need to be anything fancy. If anything, it must be functional, allowing you to be focused and productive. Setup expenses for home offices tend to be low. Subscribing to a high-speed Internet service may be your biggest expense. Still, if you are running any type of online business, it’s essential that you have a dependable, fast link to cyberspace.

As far as controlling costs, here are some observations. Office furniture can be found or bought secondhand. A good computer now costs around $500 and often printers are included for free or at a very low cost. Your cell phone can prove to be an excellent line of communication for your enterprise. Online fax services are available and many email providers offer free business software online.

Finally, a home office can provide you with a tax deduction whether you rent or own your own home. Check with your tax preparer concerning this business expense as there are specific IRS restrictions and guidelines pertaining to your deducting office related expenses.

It’s important that you get the full benefit that a home office can provide. Along with giving you a place to work, it cuts down on expenses related to commuting, allows you to use your time more efficiently and can be tapered to fit your specific needs.


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