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Flex Hour Jobs
Our Story…..
Flex Hour Jobs was launched in late 2010 by Jacqueline Sloboda, a Las Vegas Mom who was frustrated by the fact that there were too few options for women like her who’d had to give up their careers and  identities in order to have kids and care for a family. 
She was unsettled by the numbers of home foreclosures around her and the fact that women everywhere were turning to hosting Candle and Jewelry Parties selling to one another in order to contribute to the family budget. She just couldn’t go to another one of them. 
Many of these people were glued to under water mortgages and could not move to where the jobs were.  But these were well-educated, experienced Women and Retirees who needed better alternatives for creating income.
At the same time, her father was being forced into Retirement because of his age, and he was no more ready to retire than she was. As with most Baby Boomers, he was not familiar with the modern methods of finding new jobs. Snail-mailing hundreds of resumes just doesn’t work anymore and most job sites out there like Monster, are just “too monstrous”!
So in late 2010, inspired by Maria Shriver’s encouragement of women to go out there and become “Architects of Change” in their communities, Jacqueline launched FlexHourJobs.com. Premiering at The California Women’s Conference, hosted by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, Flex Hour Jobs got instant rave reviews and encouragement from the 30,000 attendees. 
Flex Hour Jobs specializes in telecommuting, flexible schedule, part time, seasonal, project and temp work. The site was created for Baby Boomers not ready to retire and Stay at Home Moms/ Caregivers who want to continue working professionally but not the traditional 9-5 in an office. The site is free to Jobs Seekers and lists jobs in over 60 categories form Entry to Professional. The Team at Flex Hour Jobs screens the Jobs daily to ensure they are all legitimate jobs.
Employers can post jobs for really reasonable rates and US as well as Canadian Jobs are listed.
Today Flex Hour Jobs also hosts the weekly Flex Hour Jobs Radio Show which airs on Blog Talk Radio and Radio Ear Network to listeners in over 148 countries world-wide. The Flex Hour Jobs Radio Show can also be found on i-tunes under Air-1 Radio Ear Network.



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